Presbyterian Women have been serving God, the church and community with faithfulness and entusiasm for over 100 years.

Missionaries are supported financially and with encouragement and prayer. PWA members meet, get to know and keep in personal contact with them. Country and city churches are visited and practical support is given to drought-affected areas,

Theological Students and church planting situations. Homeless people in Sydney parks are given lunch by Dorcas ladies four days a week and gloves, socks, beanies and handerchiefs are distributed as needed. Spiuritual needs are nourished through devotions at meetings, Timeout studies and annual camp. Their hospitality is legendary. Cakes, jams, pickles and handcrafts are available at stalls in towns, villages throughout the state. They have been sought after items for generations. What a great way to bring people to Christ is through Hospitality Evangelism.

Creative needs are catered for at the Annual Creative Camp, where fun and fellowship are the order of the day combined with spiritual and practical teaching. Allowah children’s hospital is a great favourite with PWA members and prayerful, financial and practical support is given to the children and staff.

The problem areas for the PWA in the twentyfirst century are common to nearly all other women’s organisations in the community, but there are activities we need to cover and we will continue to do so with God’s help. The PWA is looking to meet the future challenges of the twenty-first century with the leading of the Holy Spirit. The PWA comprises women who are members of the Presbyterian Church as well as other interested women who join branches of the Association formed within parishes. The Association is organised into local branches within parishes and into Presbytery groups. A State conference is held each year and is the ruling body of the Association.

The aim of the PWA is to extend the range of Presbyterian women’s influence by cooperation and/or affiliation with other organisations (other than political organisations) of a religious, educational, social, national and international character, working for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

Aims of The PWA

1. To unite women of the Presbyterian church throughout the state in a friendly comradeship for worship, mutual help and inspiration and for united service to Christ and his church in the local congregation, at home and abroad, by spreading the knowledge of God as revealed in his son Jesus Christ, and to provide a channel for information, expression of opinion and action in all matters which concern women;

2. to extend the range of Presbyterian women’s influence by co-operation and or affiliation with other organizations (other than political organizations) of a religious, educational, social, national and international character, working for the advancement of God’s Kingdom, upon such conditions and subject to such provisions as the State Conference may approve.


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