Events for 2019


Market Committee Invites you to join us
For morning tea and lunch and
Bush Ballads by Dawn De Remeris
On Friday, 2nd August 2019 at 10.00 a.m.
                                                      Cost $10.00                                                                                                              ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO PIM FOR COLIN AND ALISON MORROW (MUNGO PATROL) AND DAVID AND GAE McDONALD (DARLING PATROL) WHO WORK IN AREAS OF NSW THAT ARE CURRENTLY BADLY IMPACTED BY DROUGHT

PWMU needs your used stamps.

Don’t throw your used stamps in the bin, just cut them off your envelope about 1/4″ around and pop them in your stamp box at church. The PWMU then sort and sell them. All proceeds go to supporting Missionaries and supplying their needs. We also collect Post Cards. If you would like to save them for us, please don’t cut the stamp off. We sell them whole.

Standing Committees Invite you to their Meetings.

Home Mission Meeting on Wednesday 19th June at 10.15 am. Join with us as we work together to further God’s Kingdom through Church Planting and re growth as we assist the Ministry and Mission Department.
PWMU’s will be on Thursday 20th June at 10 am – with Guest Speaker from our Mission Team. PWMU Rally on 15th August., 2019 all are welcome.
Dorcas Meeting will be held at 11 am on Friday 21st June 2019 and all are welcome. We need volunteers to help with Sandwich making and delivering to the homeless in the Park. The Dorcas Rally will be held in March 2019.
Christian Education Meeting on Tuesday 21st May at 10 am.  Be involved with our work with the inland ministries through Letter Box Lessons and Sketch & Scripture with Gwen & Jack Cowel as they Minister to children throughout the Outback area in the local schools. Pray with us as we support the work of the Presbyterian Youth through SRE in schools. Christian education Time Out Day will be held in June at Church Offices.

CONFERENCE WEEK PROGRAMME     15th July – 17th July 2019     Venue: PLC SYDNEY College Hall, Meta Street, Croydon                                        PWA CONFERENCE – PLC SYDNEY at Croydon                                                     Travel by train to Croydon Station
Lift now working at Croydon Monday 15th July 2019, commencing 10.00 am LUNCH – Bring your own – tea and coffee provided. Some sandwiches for sale for country visitors.
GUEST SPEAKER: Mrs Julie Murray

NOTICE OF MOTION                                                                                 Presbyterian Women’s Association of Australia
In the State of New South Wales
Annual Conference Monday 15th July 2019                                                             Please note the following Notice of Motion will be debated at the P.W.A. State Conference to be held on Monday 15th July 2019 at PLC Sydney, College Hall.       1. Notice of Motion from PWA State Council                                                                    That the Country North Vice President attends the Northern Rallies and the Country South Vice President attends the Southern rallies and the President attend the Metropolitan rallies. Information to be made available to them by the Conveners of the Standing Committees. This is to save on Standing Committees expenses.

P.W.A. INFORMATION SESSION Tuesday 16th July after the Communion Service – morning tea in the Dining Room then adjourn to College Hall. Speaker: Gwen Cowell talking about her Sketch and Scripture Ministry.
LUNCH – will be provided                                                                                 PRESBYTERY GROUP REPS & Interested ladies Tuesday 16th July 2019 at 1.00 p.m. Meeting before President’s Report to Assembly.                                 PRESIDENT’S REPORT TO GENERAL ASSEMBLY
Tuesday 16th July 2019 at 2.00 p.m. P.L.C. Sydney Audrey Keown Theatre.
PGR Meeting will continue afterwards if needed.
Leaving Chalmers Street at 10.00a.m. To The Terraces at Paddington Wednesday 17h July, 2019, Bookings to State Secretary by Friday 28th June. Cost is $30.00 per person.                                                                                       SALES CENTRE ORDERS
Branches please send your bulk orders to P.W.A. Sales Centre by Friday 28th June, on the form provided by State Council, to give adequate time for packing –
Orders can be picked up at –
1. PLC near College Hall on Monday 15th July or Tuesday 16th July 2018 OR
2. General Assembly at PLC Audrey Keown Theatre Sydney from Tuesday 16th July 2019 by your Minister/Assembly Elder – please ensure they are advised of this option. OR
3. From the PWA Centre.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                                                                   • The General Assembly Official Opening will be on Monday 15th July, at PLC Sydney, Audrey Keown Theatre commencing at 7.00 p.m.

• Assembly Communion Service will be on Tuesday 16th July, at PLC Sydney, Audrey Keown Theatre commencing at 9.00a.m.
After the Communion Service, Morning tea followed by a fellowship morning will be held in the College Hall at PLC All interested members are welcome and lunch and afternoon tea will be provided. Presbytery Group Representatives Meeting to be held at 1.00p.m. all Welcome.

Craft Camp 8th to 10th November 2019 at Stanwell Tops.
2019 Rallies
Sydney South                 12th June at Sutherland
Sydney                             19th July at Church Office
Central Coast                 5th August at The Entrance
Northern Rivers           7th August at Lismore
Mid North Coast           9th August at Wingham

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