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Mrs Anne Ball – Heritage Convener

Anne Ball – Heritage Committee The Presbyterian Heritage Committ is a “Special Committee” of the Presbyterian Women’s Association of NSW.

This Committee was formed by PWA State Council in 1994. The policy of the Committee is to collect, preserve and restore items of Church and Historiacl interest for current and future generations to enjoy. In the 1977 when “The Friends of The Ferguson”, was formed, our committee decided to work with them in promoting “The Ferguson Memorial library”, which is the official Archives of the Presbyterian Church in NWS and Australia.

Over the years we have collected hundreds of items which have been generously given by members of the Presbyterian Church here in NSW. The collection cosists of Moderatorial Gowns, Buttons, laces, Bibles, Books, Cookery Books, embroidery, dresses, suits, underwear, wedding dresses and photographs etc.

We have recently started to hold displays at Scots Church in the City, the first being “An Australiana Display” to celebrate the 240th Anniversary of the landing of Captain James Cook in Botany Bay 1770.”

Our Theme Verse is from Psalm 119 – Verse 111.

“I have inherited Your testimonies forever, For they are the joy of my heart. .”

A Note from Anne:

Have been working on display for Market and will assist Hunter Baillie 100th Anniversary of Signing of the Armistice on WW1 weekend of Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November 2018.




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