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Evelyn Mill – Home Mission Convenor










Note from Evelyn –

Please pray for the students as they face their exams, and for the graduating students finishing their studies as well as preparing for ministry in congregations next year. Continue to pray for the congregations suffering drought. The Ceilidh next year will be at Gilgandra, please give your names to Helen Hill or Sylvia Johnson.

Next Meeting will be on Wednesday 19th June 2019 at 10.15 am

Evelyn Mill – Home Mission Convenor

Home Mission is like a Kaleidoscope of colours and patterns. just twist it around and you find much more that is done through Home Mission. Also the pattern keeps changing, we see a need and provide for that need.

In Home Mission we support all areas of the Ministry and Mission Assembly Committee. Home Mission Cares prayfully for theological Students, ministers, Home Missionaries and Deaconesses. Home Mission supports wives of Home missionaries and Graduating Students with letters of encouragement. Book/Commuter Tokens are given to Theological Students, home Missionaries and Serving deaconesses. Home Mission Assists Students who have special needs.

Home mission gives a Uniform Allowance to the children of Graduating Students. Home Mission supports church planting situations , revitalised churches and churches in need, Home Mission supports Cross Cultural Ministry, churches in NSW from non-English-speaking backgrounds.

Home Mission organises a Ceilidh each year when two coaches of interested members and friends visit churches in country areas to encourage them and assure them of our prayful concern in all situations.






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