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Note from Evelyn -: Each month more congregations are meeting together face to face. Some ladies are meeting for Coffee or Tea in a Coffee Shop or in the Church Halls. By the end of this month the Graduating Students would be placed in the Congregations they are to serve in next year. At the moment they are studying for their final exams. This year has been quite difficult. Part time on-line and then at College. Please pray for all the Theological Students as they prioritise their time with study, writing essays, serving in various churches and family life.  (as at 25th October 2020)

Evelyn Mill – Home Mission Convenor

THEME: “Come near to God and He will come near to you” James 4:8
PROJECT: To aid stricken Parishes.
The Home Mission Committee prayerfully cares for Churches, Home Mission Stations, Church planting situations and Revitalised Churches. When there is a need we help financially.
We are also prayerful for all ministers, Home Missionaries, serving Deaconesses and Theological Students.
Book or Computer Tokens are given to Home Missionaries, serving Deaconesses and Theological Students each year.
A Uniform allowance is given to the children of Graduating Students starting school in a different area.
We work closely with the Ministry & Mission Assembly Committee, and give a report at each of their meetings.
Each year in May we organise a Coach Trip, men & women into country areas for three days, visiting congregations to see first hand how the Lord is working His purposes out in that part of His vineyard, gain prayer points and see if we can assist in any way. We call this trip a CEILIDH which is a Gaelic word for gathering of verse and song which is exactly what we do. Hear from the folk, Pray and sing.
We trust our visits encourage the country congregations and assure them they are not forgotten and we are Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.
Over the 30 years of going on Ceilidh we city folk always come back so encouraged.

(22nd November 2020)

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