Mrs Jackie Reiner:

March 2021

My devotion for Friday’s State Council Meeting is Titled “Ignorant” based on Reading from Judges: 2:6-15. Taken from Women’s Devotional and Study Bible (Bible Society 2008).

On Monday, March 8, 2021 I attended my own Presbytery Rally at Nowra. I drove down in the morning of the rally and was very fortunate to arrive on time due to a new bridge being built near the turn off to Nowra shops. The communion service was followed by the business meeting. Ruth White agreed to continue as Presbytery Group Representative for one more year due to The Covid effect on 2020. Following a great time of fellowship with members over lunch John and Barbara Howson drove Joan Thuaux and myself to Canberra. Sincere thanks to David and Josie Brand for their hospitality on the Monday night. Canberra Rally was well attended and I was able to catch up with old friends from State Council. Well done to Josie Brand on her three years as Presbytery Group Rep. The new Revival Sub-Committee met via zoom on Wednesday 18th March and discussions were very encouraging. Please take the time to read the recommendations made to State Council from the meeting listed for discussion today. The meeting with Mr Jeoffrey Falls is scheduled for Thursday, 1st April, at Church Offices in Sydney. Dorcas convenor Mrs Joan Thuaux, State Secretary Mrs Asenati Lole-Taylor and I will attend. Please pray that this meeting will go well and some positive outcomes may result.



by Mrs. Jackie Reiner

The Presbyterian Women’s Association Report has been compiled by our new Secretary, Mrs. Asenati Lole-Taylor. The report is an accurate representation of our activities during 2019. In the second paragraph, members are described as ‘faithful followers of our Lord who glorify God’s sovereignty with the services they provide’. The average age of our membership is 80. Oh; how glorious that these women, wives, mothers and sisters are filled with the Holy Spirit and continue to work, not in their own strength, but in the Lord’s. Members have a sure and certain hope in our Lord the Good Shepherd, Redeemer and Saviour.

2019 was my second year as State President. I have been privileged to have the opportunity to travel around our state attending Presbyterian Rallies and meeting the beautiful godly women who make up our membership. The country congregations look forward to our visits as it provides opportunity for exchange of information and ideas. We hear first hand about activities in parishes and it is encouraging to see what God is doing “in the bush”.

I hope that you will take the opportunity to read our annual report. I would encourage you to zoom in on the section which includes reports from our Standing Committees. Each Convener has worked hard to summarise the work of their committee during 2019 and to continue the legacy of faithful service to our Lord. 

Our quarterly magazine ‘Service, Prayer, and News (SPAN) edited by Kathryn Clark provides an opportunity for members to share book reviews, celebrations, events, and updates on Standing Committee activities throughout the year. Wendy Dillon, our Social Issues Representative, keeps us informed about areas of special interest and encourages us to use prayer and the pen to express our concerns.

The PWA Federal Conference was held at Church Offices on Monday 9th September, 2019. Delegates travelled from Western Australia and Queensland. Our business meeting was held on Saturday, 7th September. During the Conference, Mrs Heather Burton (QLD) was appointed Federal President and the new Federal Committee was dedicated for the next three years by the General Assembly of Australia.

2019 was the second year of our new concept for Market which was embraced by members. PIM Mungo and Darling Patrols were selected to receive assistance to keep their vehicles on the road. Each PWA Presbytery organised their own activities with amazing support from their Ministers, Sessions, congregations and communities. $26,000 was handed to Presbyterian Inland Mission to in February. Many thanks to everyone involved.

At our 2019 Annual Conference we did not have a nomination for a State Secretary. What we didn’t realise was that God was working to find a solution and in August when we travelled to the Central Coast for a rally, a lovely lady Asenati Lole-Taylor from The Entrance PWA, would approach members of State Council to offer to take on the position. Our prayers had been answered. Asenati has expertise for the job, a strong faith in God and a humble spirit. Since taking on the position, she has overcome many hurdles. In recent times Asenati has been diligent in helping our members to navigate COVID-19 restrictions as they applied to our organisation. God is in control. Mark 11:24, “I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

Have you discovered any ‘treasurers’ amongst your church family recently? Please tell me that you, at least, looked! Each of us is blessed with our own special talents but remember that God’s word reminds us in I Cor 12:12; “Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ”.

The Presbyterian Women’s Association would like to assure the Assembly that our members are endeavouring to maintain their commitment to supporting our Church ministries and participate in the wider work of Christ in their churches and communities.

I thank the Moderator and the NSW Assembly for the opportunity to speak to the Presbyterian Women’s Association 2019 Annual Report.

Best wishes to my Sisters in Christ.


State President.