PWMU – Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union

Laurel Benn – PWMU Convenor PWMU represents our

Laurel Benn – PWMU Convenor

Presbyterian missionaries reporting on their area of ministery to our PWA groups.


Welcome to PWMU and we invite you to come along to our meetings. This will give you a chance to hear what is happening with our Missionaries both in Australia and overseas. Many of our Missionaries leave behind so much in their lives in Australia to go and serve our Lord. Please continue to pray for them as they spread the Word of God throughout the lands.

A Note from Jackie Reiner (representing our Convener) :  Our meeting held last Thursday, April 19 was chaired by Shirley Ralston. Our Missionary speaker was Evelyn Tan who is serving with her husband and two girls in Asia. They are working with leaders who have little formal theological training. Evelyn spoke of the challenges they encounter which include improving language skills and the need for caution in dealing with locals.

M – Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of February, April, June, September and November at 10 am in the Church Offices, 168 Chalmers Street, Sydney. Very close to Central Railway.

I – Interesting Missionary speaker at each meeting and at our Annual Rally – 16th August, 2018 at Epping Presbyterian Church at 10.30 am.

S – Scriptures for Sudan –  We are supporting GRN (Global Recording Network) with one of their projects – to record the message of the Gospel in four Sudanese languages.

S – Stamps – The proceeds from the sales of used stamps and postcards are used towards gifts to our serving missionaries to correspond with regularly.

I – Involve your PWA by praying and adopting a missionary to correspond with regularly.

O – Offerings in our Mini Boxes go towards a Christmas gift to each of our Missionaries.

N – Newsletters with Missionary news and prayer requests are sent by the PWMU Standing Committee to each branch to keep you informed.

It arranges speakers and audiovisual presentations for PWMU. Mini-mission boxes: Branches are encouraged to have one at their meetings to collect donations, large or small, to be distributed to meet specific needs in various mission areas. Linen Fund: Gifts of linen are given to missionaries leaving home for the first time, or sometimes returning after Home Assignment.

Used Postage Stamps: are still collected for sale, with the proceeds going to our missionaries.

Prayer convener:

Branches are encouraged tp “adopt” particular missionaries for special prayer and interest. A Summary of information from our missionaries’ newsletters is collated and distributed at the Standing Committee Meetings to be taken back to the Branches for ongoing prayer and support.

The Annual Rally of PWMU is held on the Thursday 16th August at Beecroft Church so please keep this date free.

Special projects are adpted and presented to meet specific needs among our missionaries.

At our meeting on the 16th November was opened with devotions by Sheryl Sarkoezy from 2 Corinthians 4: 7-10. She gave an example of travelling a distance with eggs and one was cracked but not broken. We had 11 missionaries present who gave us a brief summary of their field work. Some related to the egg. The main speakers were Ro and Neil Keyser. They work among hippie travellers in North Thailand and are able to present the gospel of Jesus in a way that hippies can understand. They give free meals and hospitality, love and acceptance. Everyone was able to meet and talk over lunch afterwards.


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