THE SPAN (service, prayer and news for Presbyterian women)
The Span is the offical PWA Magazine that is produced 4 times a year. It is sent to subscribers in March, June, September & December. The cost is $15 per year.

The Span has local PWA News, State Council News, News from each of the PWA Standing Committee’s and Special Committee’s.
Our sales centre and what is available from the Standing Committee’s. In Memoriam, to let you knbow when our dear friends of PWA have received their great reward.
News of PIM, events around the state.

Either pay through your local PWA, State Council or if you are an Associate member it is included in your membership.

Mrs Fay McCurdy is the PWA Editor. Please contact Fay through your local branch. Mrs Pat King is the Span Manager and is requesting that Branches please send in their subscriptions as not to disrupt the postage.

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