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REVIEW COMMITTEE Presbyterian Women’s Association of Australia In the State of New South Wales Special Review Committee Report to PWA Annual Conference Monday, 4thJuly, 2011 Introduction

At its 2010 State Conference, the recommendations of the Special Review Committee were passed, enabling the Committee to continue, in order to:

  1. In association with Executive, Council and Committee members, conduct an in-depth review of the PWA State Executive, State Council and Standing and Special Committees. Develop a comprehensive document about the work of each, including recommendations for the future.
  2. Encourage Branches to conduct their own review of resources, needs and activities in order to develop Branch programmes and activities appropriate to the needs of their congregation. Provide assistance to Branches who would like support for this activity.
  3. Assist in the continued development of the PWA website including:

Information about the work of Standing and Special Committees. Information about special projects which can be copied for fundraising. Missionary prayer lists and other prayer requests. Suggestions for Branch activities. Opportunity for Branches to share information useful to other Branches.

  1. Explore ways of extending the PWA involvement in ministry to women including:

Greater involvement in State and Federal Women’s Ministry Committees. Training opportunities for women’s ministry. Information for branches on local ministry opportunities.

  1. Assist in an update to the “Guidelines for Office Bearers” booklet to include suggestions for:

Shorter and simpler business meetings. Informal meetings that encourage fellowship for a wider age range. Ministry opportunities for PWA Branches. Activities designed to meet specific needs of individual congregations. Since July 2010 the Special Review Committee has diligently sought, through prayer and continued effort, to fulfil our commitments in each of these areas.


  • To discuss possible issues and make recommendations to be put forward at Council meetings for approval.
  • From November to July plan, organise and facilitate the Annual Conference with decisions made to go before Council for approval.
  • Schedule and organise annual Presbytery rallies.

To unite women of the Presbyterian Church throughout the State in a friendly comradeship for worship, mutual help and inspiration and for united service to Christ and His church.

  • To extend the range of Presbyterian women’s influence by co-operation and/or affiliation with other organisations working for the advancement of God’s kingdom, subject to the approval of State Conference.


  • Consists of 15 members of State Council with an average attendance of 13.
  • Includes President, Secretary, Treasurer and convenors of Standing and Special Committees.
  • Meets monthly except December and January.
  • Open to all who are interested.
  • Total of 53 members with an average of 45 members attending meetings.
  • Average age of members is between 50 and 60.
  • Meet monthly except December.
  • Exercises oversight of all activities of PWA in NSW.
  • Organises annual Study Camp and Conference.
  • Attendance at 17 Presbytery rallies.
  • Provides Federal Executive of PWA in Australia for 3 yearly term on rotation.


  • Paid to various executive members for expenses incurred $7 016

Specific income includes:

  • Interest received $ 2 533
  • Membership Fees $ 10 750
  • SPAN Subscriptions $13 678
  • Donations to committees $26 189
  • Sales $ 343
  • Total income $71 302


  • Directly responsible to Assembly.
  • Directly responsible to Assembly


  • To continue in present role.
  • Already been streamlined.


  • Opportunity for Presbyterian women from all over the State to gather together to witness for our Lord.
  • Organises the annual Presbyterian Market which consists of approximately 20 stalls.
  • Provides much needed funds for a specific project within the Presbyterian Church of NSW/ACT.
  • Collects, protects and restores items of Church historical interest for future generations to enjoy.
  • Promotes work of the Ferguson Library (official Church archives) and The Friends of the Ferguson.


  • Open to all who are interested.
  • Average of 18 members attend meetings.
  • Co-ordinate, liaise market events setup and ensure the smooth running of the stalls on the day of the market.
  • Facilitate the voting of the project to receive the year’s proceeds.
  • Open to all who are interested.
  • Average of 11 members attend meetings.
  • Members are chosen to come together to contribute special skills and interest in preserving and caring for heritage items.

FUNDING 2010 Specific income includes:

  • Donations $14 557
  • Market Day Stalls $20 437


  • Total income $37 377


  • Funds raised for past projects were approximately between $30 000 and $45 000

Specific income includes:

  • Interest received $ 408
  • Donations $ 740
  • Sale of greeting cards with a Christian message $ 1 193
  • Total income $ 3 628


  • Varies (Market) accordingly to the project voted on in a particular year
  • The Friends of the Ferguson


  • Identify activities to promote Market project, profitable stalls which are applicable and appealing to today’s society.
  • Need to document relevant information on all items held by the Church.

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