Sheree Scott: Thank you for your hospitality on Monday last week at the conference.
The Women’s Ministry Committee is pleased to report that assembly approved MDP funding from 2020 – 2022 for Anna Moss’s Women’s Ministry Facilitator role. This includes three days per week for the role. We are very grateful for the final $10,000 pledged by the PWA as this contribution strengthened our submission to the Assembly Audit Committee and is included in the budget for 2020. MDP funds will fully fund the role from 2021.

A further outcome of assembly was approval for the Elders and Deacons Committee to work with the Women’s Ministry Committee on the role of our Deaconesses, to bring recommendations to the 2020 assembly designed to clarify and strengthen the ministry of theologically trained and publicly recognized female gospel workers in PCNSW church. We are looking forward to finding ways to support and encourage our Deaconesses and those women currently training to become Deaconesses.

If you could find out if there is an electronic version of the Creative Camp brochure that I could put on the website and Facebook page that would be wonderful, or let me know the best person to contact directly myself.

Sheree Scott: The Women’s Ministry Committee report was accepted at Assembly. The committee was given a second year term and now has the following members: Peter Gobbo(Convener); John McLean; Stephen Taylor; Carmelina Read; Jenni Smith; Pauline Hor; Sarah Bell; Libby Leach and myself Sheree Scott.

The new members being Stephen Smith Stephen Smith from Charlestown and Libby Leach from Harbourside (Coffs Harbour) churches. Anna Moss, the Women’s Ministry Facilitator had a busy week with an interview at Refocus on the 9th July 2018 before leading the devotion at the PWA Conference and then reading the Bible at the opening of Assembly.

Then on 10 July 2018 she spoke on Psalm 119 on the theme of the day “ Unplugged’’ during the Ministry Wives and Women Leaders Luncheon. We are ever appreciative of the support both in word and in finances from the PWA which was reinforced during assembly week including, but not limited, to Barbara Clark’ s PWA report to Assembly.

The Women’s Ministry Committee organized the Ministry Wives and Women Leaders luncheon on the 12th July 2018. This was a successful event with over 70 women attending for Bible teaching, reflection on the impact of technology on our society and then time to share, pray and fellowship. There was a great mix of women from across the State with great feedback. There will be an article in Pulse about the day.

The Committee will continue its work over the next twelve months which includes supporting Anna Moss in her role along with raising the remaining funds for a second year for her role and to prepare a business case for ongoing funding of the role by assembly in the next round of assembly funding from 2020.

The PCNSW Women Facebook page is keen to keep informing women of all events relevant to women’s ministry including those of PWA. Earlier in August information about the Be Creative Camp was posted with over 400 people seeing the post! We encourage you to email information on any resources to share that would be beneficial for women doing ministry to the womenministrypcnsw@gmail.com email address. The committee will be able to place them either on the website or Facebook page to share them with other women. We welcome short stories about PWA events to share to the Facebook group so that more women, particularly younger women, learn more about how God is using PWA to share Gods love and encourage each other in faith. Please accept our thanks for your prompt payment of the $10,000.