We are associated with the National Council of Women, and the Wold Day of Prayer with the Australian Christian Women.

Through the various committees we are able to get valuable notice of what is happening in Parliament and on the Community scene.

We must be part of the ongoing decision-making unless we wish to become irrelevant.

The aim is to keep Presbyterian women informed and State Council is involved in decisions to act.

Wach issue of the SPAN contains a report on what is being discussed, encouraging members to write to their local MP’s if they are concernned about issues.

Mrs Wendy Dillon – Representative

This month I felt to highlight the essence of our relationship with Father God.
1. Worship. God actually wants us to tell Him how good He is, and how much we love Him. Not just on Sundays, but every day. You know how to sit and look into the eyes of someone you loveā€¦ do that for God, too.
2. Read or listen to the Bible every day. Not that our salvation depends on reading the Bible every single day. Reading your Bible is much like eating food. You can eat no food for a week and be fine, but if you never eat, you will weaken and waste away. In order to know what God has said and trust Him, you need to be in the word, reading, studying and memorising it until it becomes a part of you.
3. Prayer establishes and maintains a relationship between us and God. Prayer is essential to fellowship with God. Jesus is a prime example of a life lived by prayer. Jesus prayed wholeheartedly for every move He made, asking God for guidance, leading, and direction. He prayed prayers of thanks, prayers for healing, prayers for His disciples, and prayers for believers — present and future.

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