PWA Christian Education

Mrs Barbara Clark – Christian Education Convenor

Report from our Convenor:  

 The Resource Committee reviewed Devotionals for the 2019 Opening Devotionals Booklet.  The Time Out Bible Study “Teach Me To Pray’ has been conducted in Presbytery Groups and PWAs across the state and has been most appreciated. There needs to be a reprinting of the study books. Study Days can be arranged with the Karen Budin or the Convener. The Resource Committee will soon be planning the 2019 Time Out Bible Study. Everyone is most welcome to attend our next Committee Meeting on 26th February 2019. 

The main priorities are to confront people with the Gospel, to encourage and nuture them in the Christian faith and, through the holy Spirit, to guide them to commitment.

These priorities are addressed through: TIME OUT Study Day will be held on Wednesday 5th of June 2019 at Church Office, Chalmers Street, Surry Hills (just up from Central Railway). very easy to get theire by public transport. Women are being trained to present these studies in the country areas so more Presbyteries can be covered. This is proving to be a popular and successful way to go.

Letter Box Lessons where Sunday School material is sent to children in the Outback who are unable to attend a local church due to their isolation. Also many smaller Sunday School Groups are using them as well. There is no cost to the children or Sunday Schools.

Devotional materials Christian literature review Support of Parish ministries, missionaries, PTC Students in NSW and at Talua Bible college in Vanuatu with the supply of Christian resources.

Annual Craft Camp is designed to bring women together for fellowship, learning of new crafts and hearing Bible talks. This years camp will be held at Stanwell Tops on Friday 8th, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November 2019. What alot of craft activities will be held. From quilting to Christmas decorations, beading, card making plus heaps more. Also a time to share in Christian Fellowship with each other.

We also support Presbyterian Youth (PY), Special Religious Education (SRE) and Chaplains.

Christian education is here to encourage those who ar bringing Christ to peoples life. The harvest is Plentiful.

Past years Opening Devotionals will be available at a special price.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 21st May 2019

A note from our Convenor: I attended the Council Executive meeting on Monday, and the Sydney North Presbytery Group Rally at Beecroft on 23rd May. It was a well-planned rally. Next Tuesday, 28th May, is our Christian Education Meeting, commencing at 10am to which all ladies are invited. Janet Banks will be our guest speaker. Janet teaches preschool and kindergarten to year 9 children of staff of the Christian Hospital in Galmi, Niger. Bring a basket lunch. Tea and coffee will be available. All ladies are invited to our PWA Christian Education Standing Committee Rally, the Time Out Bible Study Launch on “Forgiveness” to be held on Wednesday 5th June, 2019 in the PWA rooms, Church Offices, commencing at 9.30am. Bring your Bible and pen. Bring a basket lunch. Encourage ladies from your PWA and Church to come. Morning tea, and coffee and tea will be available. There are flyers available today for the Launch. Please continue to pray for Elisabeth Secombe and Rosemary Vandore, who have been unwell and in much pain and discomfort.



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